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Jenna 8: For The First Time
By Id

The Tuesday after Tom and Jenna’s beach outing, there was a water polo game and Tom had promised Jenna that he’d attend. He’d gone to a few games in the past to show his support for Jenna, but back then he’d been roundly ignored by his crush. As a sign of just how far things had come between them, Jenna was now begging him to attend the games.

“Liam shows up for Tara and I’m not having my boyfriend outdone by Liam O’Shea,” Jenna said.

So Tom headed to the game on Tuesday, walking in when it was already underway. He stood by the stands looking for Jenna before he sat down. He found her in the middle of the fray, fighting with a girl from the opposing team from Cesar Chavez High School. Fighting here is used in a rather literal sense. From his past experience, Tom knew that water polo was not a pretty sport. Drowning was—if done when none of the referees were watching—a perfectly acceptable thing to inflict on an opponent. Though quite a bit went on above the surface, the real damage was done underwater where kicks would result in some pretty nasty bruises. Kicking, pinching, punching, and scratching were all quite common. There was a reason that all the girls were required to keep their nails cut extremely short and very smooth, and there need not be any further elaboration on that subject.

Though Tom didn’t like seeing Jenna engaged in all of the rough stuff, he bore with it because she really enjoyed the sport. Just as no one thought of taking tackling out of football and it was a given that things got down and dirty in a rugby game, nobody ever suggested that water polo could do without the roughness. Of course there was healthy debate on precisely how much was needed in the sport, but it was generally agreed it should be there. Tom for his part did admit he was proud to see his girlfriend holding her own and giving it to her opponent.

Cesar Chavez didn’t put up too much of a fight in the 9-3 victory for the RFK Grizzlies and both teams shook hands amiably during the traditional post-game handshake. Jenna in her one piece bathing suit didn’t look quite as large as she had when she’d been at the beach in her bikini, but the swimsuit left very little to one’s imagination. Of course, her large jiggling legs were in plain view and needed no imagination at all to see. Jenna’s large knockers were pressed tight against her body by the swimsuit fitted to make the players as dynamic as possible in the water, but were still noteworthy even at a slightly compacted size. Her belly was held in suspension around her midsection, unable to hang or roll within the confines of the swimsuit. Tom was so fixated, though aghast, on Jenna’s size that he barely noticed the fact that many of the other girls were at least plump themselves, if not downright fat.

Jenna met up with Tom after she’d changed and dried her hair out a bit. She gave him a quick kiss before saying, “Say, Kelli Coffey and her boyfriend came to the game. Would you mind if they came to dinner with us?”

Tom didn’t know Kelli—the same Kelli from Jenna’s close call with a bathing suit at the mall early in her weight gain—that well, but decided that his social circle could use a little widening, so he assented. “Sure, that’d be fine. We’re just grabbing something quick anyways, right?”

“Yeah, of course. I know you’ve got to get stuff done today. It was really nice of you to take the time to come to the game, so I’d better not keep you too long or your mom might be mad at me. Kelli’ll meet us there with Jeff,” Jenna said as she hugged Tom’s arm and the pair headed out to their respective cars in the parking lot.

The appointed meeting place was In-N-Out Burger. Those of you not familiar with Southern California may never have heard of this fine establishment (despite its expansion throughout the west coast). It is widely considered the finest hamburger establishment in the region and is voted such periodically by many publications. Its menu is simple, as it consists of a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a Double Double (two patties, two slices of cheese), fries, milkshakes, and soda. Now, for the savvy eater, there is the secret menu…but that’s a secret and shall not be divulged here. However, the simplicity of In-N-Out’s menu had contributed to it success, which is why whenever lunch or dinner rolled around the burger joint was sure to have a line at the register nearly out the door and another line at the drive-through that snaked around over three sides of the restaurant. In-N-Out Burger is an institution and its food just couldn’t be matched. It was a great place for a casual meal between two couples, and the fact that when Tom and Jenna got there it was 5:30 PM meant that they were both hungry enough for good food and were going to miss the dinner rush.

Tom and Jenna both ordered a Double Double and an order of fries for each. The fries were deceptively large, but both felt hungry so decided to go in for them. While Tom got a soda, Jenna went in for a chocolate shake. They grabbed a booth that opened up and waited for Kelli and Jeff, who sauntered in shortly after they’d sat down.

Kelli Coffey was tan and gorgeous, even by Southern Californian standards. Perhaps a little shallow and a bit of an airhead, but who cared with a physique like her’s? Her current boyfriend Jeff Leland certainly wasn’t into her for her wonderful dinner conversation, that’s for sure. He was equally as handsome as his girlfriend, and the pair made up one of the elite couples of RFK High. After getting their food they sat down across from Tom and Jenna.

“Hey there,” Kelli said, “Nice playing today Jenna.”

“Thanks,” Jenna said as she unceremoniously chomped on her cheeseburger.

Kelli gave Jeff a discreet glance that went unnoticed by Jenna, but not by Tom. Tom read that look perfectly and he began seething with anger. He knew that the other couple was silently laughing at Jenna for having become so fat and now being an unabashed pig, and he was right. The fact that Jenna was not looking her best with little make up on with wet and disheveled hair from having just played a game of water polo didn’t help her look her best either. Jenna’s current outfit of sweatpants and sweatshirt only made her look more like a fat girl. It was obvious that Kelli and Jeff were enjoying this dinner with the beauty queen-turned-fat ass.

Tom, who previously had been somewhat unsure of his feelings towards Jenna, was now seething with anger as he sat across from Kelli and Jeff. He wasn’t even paying attention to the conversation that was going on. Tom simply looked across the table with loathing in his eyes. How dare they treat his girlfriend as if she was something in a freak show! This was just what Tom had always disliked about those popular kids. They thought they ran the school and that the world was constructed solely for their enjoyment. It was all Tom could do to remain silent during the meal, let alone keep himself from flying across the table to slap the two of them. He knew that they were equally contemptuous of him—he wasn’t as “cool” as they were, therefore he was inferior. The hatred in Tom’s eyes was mirrored by mockery in their’s. Obviously the fact that Jenna was now dating someone so far below them in social status only added to their snobbery.

When they parted ways and Kelli and Jeff drove off, Jenna turned to Tom and said worriedly, “You don’t seem okay. What’s wrong?”

“Well…” Tom wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t want to tell Jenna that they were silently making fun of her for being fat. He knew from the day at the beach that if he was to admit he thought she was fat she’d be crushed. But how to tell her? “Look, it’s just…I…I don’t like Kelli and Jeff, okay? I don’t want to do this again with them.”

“Why not Tom?” Jenna said, knitting her brows.

Tom sighed in exasperation without thinking. “Jenna, they’re just not nice people. I know you’ve been friends with them for a long time, but they’re so…shallow, superficial. I’ve never liked people like them. Most of your friends are really nice, really Jenna. I like having lunch with you and the water polo team. Really, I’m not lying. But people like Kelli and Jeff are a whole different story. I think…I think they were making fun of you for dating me.” Not the whole truth, but the closest he was going to come.

“What?” Jenna exclaimed, “When was that?”

While you were eating that Double Double, dear, Tom thought. “Look, it was just in little things about their manner. They were trying to hide it, but I could still tell. Jenna—” Tom took her hands in his and his next words were completely honest, “—I’ve never been happier in my life than I have been in these past few months. The time I spend with you is so precious that I don’t want to waste it with people who can’t be happy for us like the girls on the team are. I love you Jenna.”

He kissed her long and hard. When they parted, Jenna said, “I love you too Tom, and if Kelli and Jeff have a problem with that, then they can go—” Another kiss interrupted the sentence, but the pair needed no words anymore.


Jenna not so-subtly excommunicated Kelli in the next few days. Jenna’s terse manner relayed the new state of affairs to Kelli very effectively. As far as Kelli was concerned, she was glad that she no longer had to pretend to be friend with an embarrassment like Jenna Shcherbatsky. Jenna, now seeing the disingenuousness of the circle that she used to dominate, withdrew from the ultra-popular socialites of RFK and strengthened her ties to the water polo team, which was made up of genuine, nice people.

The event also proved to demonstrate to Tom that even though he wasn’t dating the smoking hot Jenna he’d originally fallen in love with, he still loved the plump Jenna that he was dating. He still hadn’t figured out about how he felt about her weight, but there was no doubt that Tom loved the person underneath the flab. Her size was an issue that for the moment he wanted to avoid thinking about. Unfortunately, events did not allow him to do so.

“So, my parents wanted me to invite you for Thanksgiving dinner, if you’re not doing anything else,” Jenna said the Monday before the fourth Thursday of November while she and Tom sat with their arms around each other on the couch at Tom’s house.

“Really? I…uh…well, we usually go visit some relatives for Thanksgiving. I don’t know if I can make it,” Tom said hesitantly.

“Oh sure you can. Your aunt won’t miss you for one year,” Mrs. Stevenson said walking into the room, causing the two teenagers to jump apart. She referenced the Stevenson’s annual Thanksgiving gathering at her sister’s house. “Oh don’t worry about me kids. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I was worse than that with my first boyfriend.”

The pair were still somewhat embarrassed all the same. “So do you want to come Tom?” Jenna asked as Mrs. Stevenson departed, leaving the pair with some privacy.

Though it was an innocent question that any girlfriend could potentially ask her boyfriend, it had implications for Tom that made him think hard and quickly. He wasn’t sure he wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his fat girlfriend while she undoubtedly stuffed her face. But if he didn’t go, then she might think something was wrong—or worse: she might be hurt. So, he answered the only way he could.

“Sure,” Tom said.

“It’ll be great,” Jenna said, “My mother makes a great Thanksgiving dinner.”

“I can’t wait,” Tom said more enthusiastically than he felt.

Thanksgiving rolled around and Tom dutifully showed up, dressed up slightly for the event, at the Shcherbatsky household. He was completely unsure of what to expect from the day, but hoped for the best. Jenna welcomed him inside, wearing a turtleneck sweater that showed off most of her torso’s curves (and Tom actually thought Jenna looked cute in the sweater) and a pair of khaki pants that emphasized her large hips and thick thighs. The couple joined Mr. Shcherbatsky in the living room and watched football, which all three enjoyed, while Mrs. Shcherbatsky popped in and out to catch the score and inform them of the status of dinner, the smells of which wafted into the family room.

“Smells wonderful Mrs. Shcherbatsky,” Tom said at one point.

“Thank you Tom. Unfortunately I’ve found that it won’t cook faster if you compliment it, but I appreciate it all the same,” Jenna’s mother said, popping her head in from the kitchen.

Jenna was unconsciously salivating as she sat in the family room. So was everyone else, Mrs. Shcherbatsky included, but if there was a scientific way to measure hunger, Jenna would have been off the charts. It was as if she had just been rescued from a desert island and was waiting for her first meal in weeks. Jenna had never been so hungry before. When Mrs. Shcherbatsky called out, “Dinner’s ready!” Jenna led the charge to the dining room where the Shcherbatsky’s finest dishes, crystal, and silver was laid out for this national day of gluttony.

The turkey, cranberry, stuffing, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and green beans were passed around the table. Tom and Jenna sat next to each other, naturally, as did Mr. and Mrs. Shcherbatsky on the opposite side of the table. Since it was Thanksgiving, everyone took large portions. In fact, Jenna took about an average sized plate, which surprised Tom somewhat. He had anticipated a veritable mountain of food in front of Jenna on a day like this. Maybe he was being a bit too prejudicial.

Grace was said and everyone dug in. It didn’t take long for the usual chorus of praise for the cook to be sounded. It was indeed well deserved, but Mrs. Shcherbatsky as usual felt that they were all much too complimentary. The conversation quickly turned to general topics, but it didn’t escape Tom’s notice how rapidly Jenna was finishing her plate of food, especially in comparison to the rest of the family. In fact, before anyone else was half finished, Jenna was helping herself to seconds. Most people when they get seconds get a smaller portion than the first time around. Not Jenna: she got the same helping as the first time around and continued to eat with the same rapidity as before. Tom realized that his girlfriend indeed was going to eat as much as he thought she would—just not all at once.

And so Tom was little surprised that as the rest of the table finished their first portion, Jenna was eagerly helping herself to a third plate of food as big as the first two, still happily chatting and laughing with everyone else. Tom didn’t know whether Jenna’s parents noticed their daughter’s seemingly insatiable appetite, but if they did it wasn’t something that drew even the most covert grimace from either of them.

What did surprise Tom was that Jenna went for fourths—something unheard of at any of his family’s Thanksgiving gatherings. Even though Jenna had actually taken a somewhat smaller portion this time, the fact that Jenna had room for a fourth serving was still stunning for Tom. Apparently Jenna’s appetite rose to the occasion for grand feast like Thanksgiving. He didn’t want to think about how she might attack a Christmas dinner.

Jenna’s fourth helping was her last. Tom wasn’t sure whether or not Jenna was actually full or whether she felt required to leave the obligatory leftovers for the next day that would fill everyone’s refrigerators tonight. Even so, there were very few leftovers to be had, thanks to Jenna’s vast gut more than anyone else at the table. Jenna stood and Tom was amazed at how much her stomach had expanded inside the confines of her sweater. In fact, a small half inch band of tan skin was visible beneath the bottom of the sweater. Filled hard with food, Jenna’s belly didn’t hang over the waistband of her pants as usual, but now stuck out around her midriff like a true spare tire, though it was still so large that it obscured the top of her pants just a bit. Jenna, consciously or not, tugged the sweater down to cover her massive tummy, and the sweater stayed put for the moment. While Mr. and Mrs. Shcherbatsky began doing the dishes in the kitchen, the two teenage lovebirds went into the family room and cuddled on the couch.

Tom was a little hesitant to sit down with Jenna because, try as he might for the sake of his love for his girlfriend, the size of her belly was just so surprising now that it was filled to capacity that he was hesitant to even have it touch him. However, he submitted because he didn’t want to raise Jenna’s suspicions that something might be up.

I’m beginning to wonder if this is really worth it… Tom thought as he settled in next to Jenna.

It took all of five minutes before Jenna was out like a light. The bulging blonde had eaten so much turkey that she probably had enough tryptophan in her system to knock an elephant out. Tom only realized this when he asked Jenna a question about something on TV and she didn’t respond. Another couple of questions ascertained that she was indeed asleep, and leaning heavily against Tom as she was.

One of the foremost points of contact between them was, of course, Jenna’s belly. The hard dome pressed against Tom’s torso, once again exposed at the bottom of Jenna’s sweater. Tom looked at Jenna’s gigantic gut and before he knew what he was doing reached out with his free hand and poked Jenna’s belly with his index finger. His finger sunk into her belly a little bit, encountering resistance due to the large meal inside of it. Tom checked to see if his brash move had woken Jenna. She just nuzzled closer to him with a smile on her face. Giving his curiosity free reign, Tom now took his hand and squeezed Jenna’s belly slowly and gently so as not to wake her. He didn’t, but Tom found Jenna’s taut flab not repulsing but…curious. Her vast, soft skin was…Tom didn’t know what it was, but it wasn’t alien like it had been that first day at the beach. Maybe he’d just gotten used to it…but, no. This wasn’t familiarity…

Tom gently, being respectful of Jenna’s slumbering body, felt out more of her ever so slowly. He discovered her curves, each one surprising him and drawing him further into her body. And this was just her belly! Tom needed no exploration of Jenna’s enormous breasts to find them pleasing. He couldn’t access her round, protruding ass, but thinking about it as he continued his exploration of Jenna’s rotund form Tom didn’t think of Jenna’s butt as two massive cheeks of fat as he formerly had, but rather a beautiful booty—and that only further aroused Tom.

The fact that this was indeed arousing Tom snapped him back to reality. What am I doing? Do I actually find Jenna attractive right now? She’s fat! Fat girls aren’t attractive! Tom thought, somewhat horrified at himself, What’s happening to me?! How can I even think that Jenna’s hot when she’s this fat! But the more Tom looked at Jenna, he realized that he did find her attractive. This threw Tom’s world completely upside-down. Tom didn’t know what to think now. Everyone knows that fat girls aren’t hot! You’ve never found fat girls attractive before. Why is Jenna after having gorged herself on more food than I eat in a day doing this to me? Yet Tom couldn’t pull himself away. He couldn’t even stop exploring Jenna with his hand. He was even gently rubbing Jenna with the hand he had around her. And the more Tom felt Jenna and truly experienced her corpulence, the more he was inexplicably drawn to her, fat as she was.

And then it was as if Tom passed a threshold. He still didn’t know why he thought Jenna was beautiful even though she probably outweighed him. He couldn’t explain why he’d started touching her in the first place, or whether that motivation was romantic, curious, or perverse. He didn’t even know whether he thought fat girls were attractive. But Tom knew that he thought Jenna was attractive right now, and that he no longer cared that she was fat. He didn’t love her in spite of her size, as he had at the beginning of the day. Tom now loved Jenna because of her corpulence, even though he couldn’t understand why. To love someone with their faults, rather than in spite of them, is a love of a truly wonderful magnitude. It had started at In-N-Out Burger when Tom resented Kelli and Jeff’s silent mockery of Jenna and it had culminated in this moment.

Jenna stirred and awoke before Tom could move his hands from around her bulging belly. Though he felt like he’d just been caught red handed, Jenna simply stretched and thought nothing of her boyfriend’s hands on her body. She’d always liked how he would touch and hold her, and right now it felt especially good.

“Hey there,” Jenna said groggily, quickly planting a kiss on Tom’s cheek.

“That’s no way to say good morning,” Tom said and he swept in, giving Jenna the best kiss she’d ever received in her life. It was the first kiss in a long time that Jenna, almost always the more experience kisser, hadn’t taken the lead in, and giving herself up to Tom was surprisingly magical. It was almost as if she’d never been kissed before.

When they pulled apart, Jenna was stunned. “Have you been practicing or have you just been holding back?” Jenna said in surprise, “Because if you’ve been holding back I aught to hit you for saving that until now!”

“No, I just realized how much I love you,” Tom said.

Though they drew together to kiss again, Mrs. Shcherbatsky stopped the process cold with one sing-song phrase, “Would anyone like dessert?”

“Absolutely!” Jenna said, her face lighting up.

“Pumpkin pie or apple dear?” Though apple pie was not exactly a Thanksgiving pie, Mrs. Shcherbatsky liked to have a couple options for people, and she’d decided on apple pie this year.

“Ummm…how about one of both?” Jenna said, unable to make up her mind.

“Sure. Anything for you Tom?”

“Pumpkin Mrs. Shcherbatsky,” Tom called to the kitchen.

A couple minutes later Jenna’s mother deposited a plate in front of them. Not only did each plate have a large piece of pie on it (or two in Jenna’s case), there was also a scoop of ice cream (once again two since Jenna logically needed more ice cream since she had more pie). Jenna dug into dessert as if she hadn’t just had a gigantic meal, but everything was different now for Tom. At dinner he’d been somewhat red-faced about Jenna’s monstrous appetite, but now he watched with relish as each forkful of pie and ice cream passed through Jenna’s lips. The act of eating was intimately connected with the beauty he’d been awakened to and it was thrilling to watch Jenna’s plump lips accept the indulgent dessert. In fact, when Jenna finished off her pie and ice cream, Tom gladly volunteered to get her more, an offer that Jenna excitedly accepted. He made sure to cut a generous piece of apple pie for Jenna and scoop plenty of ice cream for the buxom blonde. Jenna beamed when Tom presented her with the dessert and dug in with all the greater gusto since it had been served to her by her boyfriend.

When Jenna had finished her second dessert she sat back with a sigh, once again stuffed. She looked over at Tom with a gentle look of love and smiled softly. “Thanks for coming,” she said, “I hope you’re not sore about missing out Thanksgiving with your family.”

“I’m never sore when I spend time with you,” Tom said, taking Jenna’s hand and stroking it softly with his thumb.

“Awww…” Jenna said and she gave Tom as big a hug as she could (and considering Jenna’s size that was rather big). Tom just luxuriated in the embrace of his plump girlfriend.

The rest of the evening was uneventful as Tom and the Shcherbatskys digested their food, the married couple indulging in a couple glasses of wine to pass the time and the younger couple simply lounging in front of the TV, enjoying the presence of one another. However, as with all things, the day had to end eventually, but neither of them wanted to admit that Tom had to leave. In fact, neither one of them wanted to even get off the couch, nuzzled against one another as they were.

“I don’t want to get up,” Tom said, “It’s so comfortable with you right here.”

“Then don’t,” Jenna said moving closer to Tom, “We can sleep on the couch together.”

“But what would your parents say?” Tom asked.

“They wouldn’t care. They think you’re a nice boy, and I think they’re right,” Jenna replied.

“But my parents expect me home. I’ve got to go.”

“No you don’t. Stay here. We don’t have any place to be tomorrow. I’m not even going shopping,” Jenna said.

“Really, I do,” Tom said, but he didn’t stir from the couch.

They sat there and just looked at each for a while. Eventually for no reason other than to just fool around Jenna made a face by scrunching her mouth off to one side and the act caused Tom to catch his breath.

“Do that again,” Tom said. Jenna did so and Tom’s heart was suddenly gripped with something he couldn’t describe. “Oh my God. That is incredibly sexy. It melts my heart.”

“Maybe I’ll do that all night and you’ll never be able to leave,” Jenna said mischievously. She did so to prove her point and Tom’s heart leapt so much that he had to turn away. Tom looked back at Jenna once he’d gotten a straight face and that was all it took to cause her to start laughing for some unknown reason.

Having had a bit of silliness, Tom was able to pull himself off the couch, much to Jenna’s dismay. He helped her up and they walked slowly to the door.

“Thanks for having me over,” Tom called to Mr. and Mrs. Shcherbatsky.

Jenna’s father hollered a similar sentiment from the family room and Mrs. Shcherbatsky came to the door to personally wish Tom off and thank him for coming. “It was wonderful to share the day with you, Tom,” she said.

“And my compliments on a very well cooked meal,” Tom said, “I think my usual fare tomorrow will pale in comparison.”

“Well we just might have to have you back for Christmas then,” Mrs. Shcherbatsky said, and then withdrew to allow the teenagers the ability to say goodbye privately.

“It was good to see you,” Jenna said, standing close to Tom.

“Ditto,” Tom replied simply.

They kissed and only reluctantly pulled apart. Tom left without any other words, but their eyes remained locked on one another’s until the door shut. Still somewhat under the influence of tryptophan, the rotund blonde retired upstairs to sleep off the rest of her meal while Tom got into his car and headed home. Both of them thought that it had been a rather wonderful Thanksgiving, and both were right. Jenna had enjoyed a wonderful meal with her loving boyfriend. Tom had discovered the depths of his love for his girlfriend. Neither could be happier.

"We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing, he chastens and hastens his will to make known..." I was considering titling this installment that, but I decided against it. But it is about Thanksgiving, a holiday I've not yet written about but was very happy to do! It's got some major plot points and I hope you all enjoy it!
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Illidan777 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
Ahh, a proper thanksgiving stuffing session. The only problem I had with this part was trying to visualize Jenna in a turtle-neck sweater. I just couldn't do it! It may be because she usually wears clothes such as jean shorts or rugby shirts. Oh well. It was still a grand addition to this grand story!
The-Id Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Sweaters are stretchy. I forgot I dressed Jenna in rugby shirts! I am now remembering how hot girls in rugby shirts are...
Illidan777 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
We'll, I'm glad to help. :P
Orumon Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
Very touching.
The-Id Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I do think that it was a good one!
Presley-G Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010
I can't tell wheter you're attempting to show Tom developing into an FA [or with his attraction to her eating Feeder/ Encourager] or as you put it, "showing love of someone for their faults", but it worked out well either way.
One question, did you write yourself into a hole with that near break-up moment or was that intentional?
The-Id Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Which near break up moment is that?
Presley-G Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
Where he seems to be questioning whether Jenna is really falling for him or he was just a fallback guy because she'd gotten "fat"; it seems like you create scenario where major destabilization calibur drama could break out easily enough-sort of like with Liam 'n Tara when he complimented Chelsea, only in this case for him questioning her in private about why she is REALLY going out with him,
Like I said, just a sidebar thought in the end.
The-Id Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Gotcha. It's been so long since I wrote these, some of the finer points of my writing are a little fuzzy. :)
jonobabes Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2007
So what is next for the Jenna story? When can we expect a new installment?
The-Id Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I'm working on other projects at the moment, like Lynn 2, which is nearing completion. I'd like to try for Jenna 9 around Christmas though, since that's chronologically when the story is set. As for what's next, Tom's obviously got to figure things out, and there are many ways he can do that.
zewhatcher Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2007  Professional Writer
YAY! Tom finally realized what a Hottie Jenna is. :D I like Jenna a lot more now. :D Plus the way you described his exploration of her body. :clap: Take a bow for that. You did this installment excellently. I can't wait for more!
The-Id Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you liked it. Jenna 8 was written in a frenetic frenzy at points. Tom's still got stuff to sort out, but he has cleared a major hurdle in getting to where he needs to get.
zewhatcher Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2007  Professional Writer
I agree. Tom has overcome a great hurdle.

Also, The story did not seem frenzied at any point. You kept a good pace through the whole thing.
Barkis1 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2007
:clap: You out did your self! And a happy ending!
Well I really enjoyed this! Good work indeed!
Long may you wright!
The-Id Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much! This moment has been a long time in coming, but Tom and Jenna's story required it to take a very long time for Tom to realize A) what was going on and B) that he was essentially cool with it. As I've said to others, he's still got to figure out *why* he's cool with it, but that will come and allow for further growth and some interesting situations along the way!

As always, I really appreciate your thoughts and feedback.
Barkis1 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
Your welcome! and thanks.
vader7476 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
Simply great. I was wondering how that would play out, how Tom would start to like it. I thought he'd start to when they had sex, but this is partly the same principle. Can't wait for more! :)
The-Id Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
If there's ever an installment where Tom and Jenna have sex, it would never make it into Dimensions due to their regulations. That's the way it goes. However, do you really think that Tom would have made it that far? I mean, it was a nearly naked Jenna that first caused these emotions for him--the suggestion of sex would have weirded him out. Unless Jenna seduced him, basically, and he didn't see it coming. Or am I just making stuff up?
vader7476 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
My story is being posted on dimensions, pretty much unfiltered. So sex is A-Ok. It just moves them into the erotica archive there, instead of general.

I do think Tom would have made it that far, especially since it seemed Jenna was kind of easy, and Tom would probably lend himself to being seduced early on.
The-Id Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Are minors involved in the sex? That is a sticky issue with them. The girls are 17 in my version, though generally Observer changes it to 18 to avoid issues.

And yes, Jenna was set up as being sexually active earlier. So perhaps it could happen.
vader7476 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007
Well, if he changes them to 18 there probably wouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, I guess you're right.
Nexis89 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
Wow, this has to be one of your best pieces yet. The descriptions are superb, and the emotions of the couple feel so real to me. I personally enjoyed the scene where Tom discovers his FAness, since all of us can relate to those first hesitant feelings of doubt, and as they melt away into nothingness. Wonderful job my friend!
The-Id Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. I'm so removed from that moment that I've forgotten what it's like. So I'm glad it still rings true! I definitely wanted to get into Tom's head with descriptions. There should be a shift in how he looks at Jenna at a couple points in the story when his attitude changes. Glad this one works well!
Nexis89 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
You're welcome. And don't worry, that part was perfect.
The-Id Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Yay! Perfect. I like perfect. :D
Nexis89 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
Who doesn't? :D
tarathal Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
Ah, this one was all I had hoped it would be! And thank God for you being nice to your protagonists! I don't know what would have happened had Tom left Jenna...

After typing that, I realized that it must sound silly, you being the author and all.
The-Id Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
No, I was just discussing with folks today about how conflict is what makes life interesting. If I'd wanted life to be really interesting for Tom and Jenna, Tom would have gotten all freaked out! But, there's still conflict here, obviously. Tom has to sort out his feelings, and then figure out how you tell your girlfriend she's fat, but you're cool with that! Do you want to have that conversation? I don't. ;)
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